Mastiff breeders directory: where to find your Mastiff pup

Mastiff breeders directory
Mastiff breeders directory

Mastiff breeders directory

If you are looking for Mastiff breeders, I hope this directory of Mastiff breeders in the USA will be helpful. 

Mastiff breeders in Arkansas, USA

If you are looking for a mastiff puppy and you are located in or near Arkansas, a good mastiff breeder you should check out is Beowulf Mastiffs Global.  This is a Kennel run by Susann Everett who is deeply in love with dogs in general and mastiffs in particular. This kennel is based on true love and care for the breed. They have produced many champion dogs both nationally and internationally.

They take great care of their dogs and puppies, from breeding responsibly and only the best dogs to delving deep into proper dog nutrition for health and longevity. If you are anywhere near Arkansas, this Mastiff breeder is definitely worth checking out if you want to make sure your puppy comes from a great kennel and responsible breeder.

Mastiff breeders in Iowa, USA

If you are located in Iowa, Dowdy Farms English Mastiffs may be a good place to check out if you are searching or a Mastiff breeder. This is a kennel located on a farm in Southern Iowa, and they have been breeding English Mastiffs for over 19 years. They place particular effort on good socialization and producing well mannered, stable-temperamented mastiffs.

This breeder also does their best to do all possible health testing and screening for their parents and puppies, including thyroid health, hip and elbows, heart etc. They strive to avoid any genetic and other health conditions in their litters to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

The puppies from Dowdy Farms come fully socialized because they grow up surrounded by people including kids. By the time they go to their new homes, they are well adjusted to living among humans and can’t wait to meet their new families.

Mastiff breeders in California


If you are in California and looking for Mastiff puppies, check out Goldlief Mastiffs located in Ukiah, Mendocino County. This is a kennel that has been founded more than 30 years ago and has decades of experience with mastiff breeding and raising. They have some excellent lines in their breeding stock and have been concentrating on producing puppies that are superior in their health, temperament and appearance.

A lot of their dogs went on to become national and international champions, which speaks for itself as far as quality of breeding goes. This kennel can offer you a strong, active and athletic mastiff with excellent temperament, loyalty and devotion to the owner and free of genetic issues.

Comstock Mastiffs

Another Mastiff breeder in California is Comstock Mastiffs – a small English Mastiff kennel situated on the Central Coast of CA.  They have been madly in love with Mastiffs for 30 years and all this time they have been striving to restore and improve the breeds best qualities through careful breeding and thorough health testing.

The kennel is ran by passionate individuals who have also been involved in rescuing mastiffs as part of Mastiff Club of America and have greatly contributed to public education about this breed as well as saving many dogs from unfortunate situations. This is a very responsible breeder deeply caring about the health and quality of their puppies. They do not produce many puppies and have not been open about breeding for many years.

Mastiffs in Minnesota


Minnesota is home for Lakeside Mastiffs of Minnesota, a kennel that works hard on producing superior mastiffs that can boast excellent health, good temperament and traditional mastiff looks. All their puppies are vet checked before going to new homes. Every puppy is hand-raised and handled on a daily basis, so they are well used to human company and become wonderful family members.

Mastiffs in Pennsylvania

If you are looking for mastiff puppies in Pennsylvania, you may want to check out Dunraven Mastiffs. This is a small family kennel ran by a family that fell in love with mastiffs after owning their beloved mastiff for many years first. The love grew into their interest in shows, and then slowly into breeding their own mastiffs. This breeder believes in thorough health testing and breeding to mastiff standard. They do their best to produce high quality, healthy puppies with good personalities and work hard on finding responsible forever homes for these puppies. They also have a few rescues available from time to time.

Finding Mastiff puppies in Chicago

If you are in Chicago, You may want to visit Pantheon Acres in your search for Mastiff puppies. This is a small kennel run by a family of dog lovers, and particularly Mastiff devotees. They have owned and showed mastiffs with success for many years and are now working hard on improving the breed through breeding. They do not produce a lot of litters, but the ones they do produce they work really hard on. The mission of their kennel, is to protect and improve the breed. If you want to get a Pantheon Acres puppy, you will have to get on the wait list.

Mastiff puppies in Chicago

Mastiff breeders in Alabama, USA

Mountain Top Mastiffs is a Mastiff breeder located in Springville, Alabama. This is a small family-based kennel focusing on puppies health, personality and type. On their website, they state that they are breeding from some of the best mastiff bloodlines from all over the world. They also work hard to produce well-behaved, well-socialized puppies and fully prepare them for when they go to their new homes.

Mastiff Breeders in Montana, USA

A notable Mastiff breeder in Montana is Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs, a small Kennel that focuses on breeding quality mastiffs fully representing the breed. This kennel values anatomically and temperamentally correct mastiffs and only breed from show quality parents which produces very high quality puppies. They do not breed much and only occasionally have puppies for the best owners out there. This also a good breeder if you are looking for a mastiff puppy with an excellent temperament, or, a couch potato temperament the way they put it.

This breeder also does thorough health checks and screening for their dogs.

Mastiff breeders in Florida, USA

If you are looking for mastiff puppies in Florida, check out Royal Oak Mastiffs – a small family owned kennel working on healthy and well-mannered, mild-temperamented gentle giants. They are registered AKC English Mastiff breeder and work hard on creating quality dogs to become pets and family members.

Mastiff breeders in Florida, USA

Another Mastiffs breeder in Florida is Sims English Mastiffs. This is a Kennel striving to produce the best mastiffs fully conforming to the AKC/OFA standards and norms. They focus on health, soundness and personality in their breeding, and study the pedigree of every breeding dog thoroughly to avoid any dog that may not be perfect or have health and genetic issues. They prefer to only breed champions so you may be confident in the quality of the puppies from each litter.

If you are looking for a mastiff that you can show in the future, this may be a great breeder for you as they may both provide you with an excellent dog and offer you some further resources on showing on their website. They co-own several showing dogs all over the country. This kennel has many good testimonials from past clients on their website as well as many photos of their dog and their kennel. If you are in Florida, this may be a great breeder to contact!

Midgard Kennels

This is a Mastiff breeder with a scientific approach. They focus on creating exceptional working-quality Mastiffs, the way they once were (as opposed to lazy couch potatoes of today). Protection of the family is one of the most important Mastiff traits for this breeder: they strive to produce a mastiff that is massive enough and driven enough to be always ready and willing to protect their humans.

They also work on improving some of the cosmetic issues with Mastiffs, such as sloppiness and drooliness. Their dogs are generally quite large at the weight of over 140 lbs. They have already bred 10 generations with their bloodlines and continue on improving their lines. Like any good breeder, they do not produce too many puppies so you have to get onto a wait list to get one.

Mastiff breeders in Montana

Mastiff breeders in Montana, USA

If you are looking for mastiff puppies in Montana, Grizzly Molossus and Mastiffs may be a good breeder to check out. This is a breeder with over 15 years of experience with large dogs, including English Mastiffs, Saint Bernards and Old World Mastinos. During this time, they have imported some of the best bloodlines from Europe and the USA to create their own litters.

Mastiff puppies in Vermont, USA

Green Meadow Mastiffs could be a breeder for you if you are looking for mastiff puppies in Vermont. This kennel is located on a large horse ranch in Williston (just a short drive away from Burlington). This breeder is a member of several reputable Mastiff clubs such as the Mastiff Club of America, the Canadian Mastiff Club and others. They breed quality mastiffs, focusing on conformation, health and personality of their puppies. They hand-raise their puppies, surrounded by the family and growing as full members of the family, which helps them grow up to be well-socialized. Check them out if you are in Williston, Burlington or anywhere in Vermont.


Mastiff puppies in Ohio

Ohio is home to Rydalmount Mastiffs, a kennel ran by Chuck and Gloria Cuthbert. Chuck was the President of the Mastiff Club of America in 2013, which tells you something about his devotion and passion for the breed and the quality of puppies you may expect from this breeder.

This is a family-oriented kennel run by a family with lots of children and grandchildren. The mastiffs are also Chuck and Gloria’s children and are treated very much as such. They grow up surrounded by the ruckus of the big family and are very well socialized by the time they go to their new homes.

Being true aficionados and protectors of the breed, Rydalmount Mastiffs are dedicated to producing only the healthiest puppies and invest deeply into thorough genetic and health testing of their breeding stock and puppies.  As a result, they can offer healthy, well-bred puppies that often become champions at shows. Some of their dogs even go on to become service dogs and therapy dogs.

Due to their deep devotion to the breed, Rydalmount Mastiffs also participate in rescuing mastiffs by actively volunteering through the Mastiff Club of America, as well as privately.

This kennel does not breed too many litters, the number of puppies available may be limited.

Mastiff breeders in Nevada, USA

If you are located in Nevada, check out Hoof and Fang Spanish Mastiffs. This is a kennel focusing on Spanish Mastiffs. They do have quite an interesting story. This breeder came to breeding Spanish mastiffs because they started a farm and encountered predation issues. Through trial and error, they found the best breed to control predation and protect their animals, which turned out to be a gorgeous, devoted, loyal and intelligent Spanish Mastiff. The breeder has fallen in love with the breed and the rest is history!

Their focus is to breed healthy, sound and well-temperamented Spanish mastiffs from their excellent working lines tested right then and there on the farm! They raise their puppies among the family members as well as many farm animals which makes the puppies well adapted to the society of humans and other pets. If you own a farm and are interested in owning this versatile, devoted and powerful breed as your farm helper, definitely give Hoof and Fang Spanish Mastiffs a call and check out their dogs and puppies!

Mastiff puppies in Virginia

Visit El Shaddai’s Blessings Kennel (or their website) if you are searching for a mastiff breeder in Virginia. This is a small Kennel that started with one Champion female mastiff and her two puppies who also got champion titles quickly and easily. From then on, Ell Shaddai’s Blessings have been striving to create quality dogs without health issues and that conform to the mastiff standards. Health testing and avoidance of any genetic issues is one of the main goals of breeding for this kennel, as well as physical appearance and personality of their puppies.

Another Mastiff breeder in Virginia is Old School Mastiffs. It is called Old School not because they are breeding “Old School” mastiffs, but because the kennel itself (as well as the family home) are located in what used to be an old school. How is that for a romantic name for a house? Their story started with getting just one mastiff for security an protection purposes and snowballed into a full breeding operation.  The kennel has worked with some great bloodlines and proved to be a highly responsible and dedicated breeder.


Barkers Mastiffs is a Mastiff kennel in Indiana. This is a small Kennel passionate about preserving and restoring the authentic genetics of high quality traditional English Mastiffs. They have traveled all over the world collecting the best examples of the breed to create some excellent litters and enrich their bloodlines.

This kennel is extremely serious about genetics of their litters. They have not one but two world champion mastiffs in their bloodlines which says a lot. Apart from conformation, their main focus is their puppies HEALTH.

This is a remarkable breeder that you can fully trust. They do not breed many litters and only occasionally do they have puppies available to very good homes. If you are interested in owning a high class excellent genetics dog, check out Barkers Mastiffs website and learn as much as you can before contacting them. Don’t forget to get on a wait list.

This breeder also runs a small Mastiff rescue and they do have a rescue mastiff from time to time. Check out other mastiff rescue organizations here.

Finding Mastiff breeders in Tennessee

If you are looking for mastiff puppies in Tennessee, you may want to check out Sylvan Mastiffs. This family kennel is located in Dickson, Tennessee, and have been working with mastiff for 20 years. They place particular importance on socialization and training.

Mastiff Breeders in Canada

If you are interested in large English type mastiffs from pure bloodlines, check out Rockport Mastiffs. This kennel is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are a mastiff only kennel and focus on the quality of their dogs, breeding particularly old English type of mastiffs with best pedigrees from Europe and England. They have some excellent dogs in their breeding stock. Some of the traits that they mostly concentrate on is the breed health and temperament in their puppies.

Another Mastiff breeder on Vancouver Island is Island West Mastiffs. This kennel focuses on breeding traditional Old English Mastiffs and have bred some excellent mastiffs, including some movie stars! (They mastiffs have been featured in a movie production on the island. Congrats Island West Mastiffs!) Their mastiffs have also been photographed for several Mastiff calendars sold all over the world. This is a real gem of a breeder that you may want to check out, especially if you are in Canada and particularly on Vancouver Island.

The quality of the mastiffs this kennel produces can be testified by the fact that one of their champion mastiffs has more titles than any other mastiff in the country. However, the majority of the puppies produced by this kennel don’t necessarily have the high aspirations of becoming champions, and instead become a beloved family member for lovely homes.

Some of the main things this kennel focuses on in their mastiffs is their size, character and health status. They thoroughly select some of the best breeding dogs out there to enrich their bloodlines. They make sure that all their litters come from disease-free, genetically tested parents. Every puppy spends their early weeks and months living among humans and other dogs which helps to develop agreeable and social personality.

Despite the fact that this kennel is located on the island, they can ship their pups to other locations by air. However, it;s always a good idea to visit the kennel yourself and meet both the owners and the dogs so you are confident in your decision to get their puppy.

If you are in Ontario, check out Knighterrant Mastiffs. This breeder has been working with mastiffs for over 32 years now and are very much in love with the breed. They have been breeding from excellent show lines and have produced many champions. All of their parents are tested and health screened to avoid any genetic issues in the puppies.

Mastiff breeder in Alberta, Canada

Looking for mastiff puppies in Alberta? Bendegeit Mastiffs may be your breeder of choice. They are a small family-run Mastiff breeder who focuses on breeding champion show dogs producing litters that are healthy and fully conform with standards. They do not breed many litters-only occasional ones, so you will need to get onto a wait list.

Apart from being champions, all Bendegeit mastiffs are family members and treated as such. They grow up well socialized and well-adapted to life in a human family. This breeder is definitely not a puppy mill and you can be confident you are getting a good quality, healthy dog from them.

Another Mastiff breeder in Alberta is Fortress Mastiffs. This is a responsible breeder that puts the health of their puppies (both of body and mind) as their first and foremost priority. They perform thorough genetic screening for all their breeding stock and work hard to not allow a single health issue in their litters. They also emphasize the nice, stable and mild temperament in their puppies as well as their gorgeous true mastiff looks.


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