Mastiff German Shepherd Mix: loyalty, protection and love (photos and overview)

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix

What can be said about Mastiff German Shepherd Mix? These two unique breeds (German Shepherd and Mastiff) combined into one crossbreed truly produce an outstanding mix.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix Appearance
Mastiff German Shepherd Mix – Mister Intelligence
Your personal fitness coach
Mastiff German Shepherd Mix as your personal bodyguard
How much will it cost you?
Early days of puppy ownership
Mastiff German Shepherd Mix pros and cons

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix Appearance

First of all, this is a large dog. Mastiffs can reach up to 90 cm in height and weigh up to 100 kg. German Shepherds are smaller and lighter: a male can be up to 60 cm tall and weigh around 40 kg. A Mastiff German Shepherd Mix can be larger than a German Shepherd and as large or a bit smaller than their Mastiff parent, so you can expect a pretty large dog. Each puppy can look slightly different depending on what traits they have inherited from the mastiff and the shepherd. The coat can be short like mastiffs’, or medium length like German Shepherds, and the colors can vary depending on the parent colors: from tan to black.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix Appearance

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix Appearance

If your pup ends up having a longer coat, you may have a shedding problem. They can shed quite a bit, especially around June – July when it gets really hot. You may find your house very clean because you will end up cleaning it every day just to get rid of hair. Consider yourself warned.

A child of two massive, powerful breeds, Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a muscular, heavy, and strong dog. But are they aggressive? What can be said about their temperament?

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a muscular, heavy and strong dog

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix personality

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a very people-oriented dog – a trait it inherits from both the German Shepherd side and the Mastiff side. They thrive when they live near their people and can take part in all family activities as well as everyday life. They can be extremely protective, which is also characteristic of both German Shepherds and Mastiffs.

The protective instinct is literally in this dog’s blood and will be present whether you specifically train your dog to guard and protect or not. A Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will not be overtly and inherently aggressive, but they are instinctively cautious of strangers and will make any stranger think twice before approaching you. They begin to display these protective instincts very early on in life when they are still puppies, so deep-rooted this instinct is.

They are also very courageous. Even a young puppy will fearlessly try to protect you when they perceive danger to you.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a very people-oriented dog

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a very people-oriented dog

Despite their strength and confidence, these dogs are also very gentle and patient, especially when it comes to children. It’s a great dog to have in a family with kids, as they can very patiently withstand whatever the kids may try to do to them. They are also usually friendly or neutral to unfamiliar kids, although cautiousness should always be kept in mind. It’s best to not let children of other people approach your dog unless you are absolutely confident your pup will be friendly.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will inherit heightened intelligence

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will inherit heightened intelligence from both of their parent breeds. this is a very smart dog, which also makes them very easy to train. This pup will likely understand you the first time when you tell them not to chew on your shoes or furniture. Of course, they may be a little stubborn and may still not do what you want (like many Mastiffs). But you can be sure they understand you 🙂

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will require large investments of your time in training and socializing. This is a large dog, and a very active one. In puppyhood, they may become a little terror with their antiques and active expressions of love for you. Some can bite you lovingly, but no matter how lovingly, it will still leave scratches all over your arms. They can also throw themselves on you and your family members in the outbursts of love.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will require large investments of your time

Behaviors like these need to be worked through: if your dog doesn’t learn to behave, you will have a 100 kg pup throwing itself on you (and possibly your children) in the future. This is why training is crucial. Take your dog to puppy classes and perhaps to more serious training later, if you don’t have experience with dog training yourself. If you invest in training, you won’t just have a large and gorgeous dog. You will have a large, gorgeous, and obedient dog, which will make a giant difference in your experience as a dog owner.

Mister Intelligence

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a very intelligent dog. They inherit this both from the Mastiffs and especially from German Shepherds, who are considered one of the smartest breeds out there. They are extremely attentive and watchful and will very quickly learn everything they can about you and your family members. Your dog will know your schedule and will wake you up without an alarm. It will know where you are going before you even remember to go there.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix is a very intelligent dog

It will know when and which member of the family should be home and they will worry if something or someone is amiss. They will know all your neighbors and will alarm you when a stranger approaches your home. They will probably alarm you before a stranger even knocks on the door because they will smell a stranger from far away.

A Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will love the whole family dearly, but they will likely choose one person who they love and respect most. They can sense the hierarchy of the family (their new “pack”) very well, and will understand who the “leader” is. That will likely be the person they listen to most. It is important that the dog knows its place in the family and does not become the alpha leader: you don’t want a dog that thinks it’s smarter and better than you.

A Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will love the whole family dearly

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix: your personal fitness coach

If you have a membership to a local gym, you can list it on Craiglist right now, because you won’t need a gym or a coach any longer. Your own private furry coach will already be waiting for you at your bedside every morning, eager to drag you to go out and play. If you have been sedentary for a while, you will rediscover your love for running around, playing with sticks and balls, or going on long hikes that your dog will love so much. The abundance of fresh air and motion is guaranteed!

Your personal bodyguard

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix: your personal fitness coach

As I already said, this dog will display its protective and guarding instincts very early on. From now on you can walk the dark streets without fear: your pup won’t let anyone approach you. But again, training is extremely important so your large dog is actually controllable and not a danger to you or others.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix: how much will it cost you?

This is an important consideration to keep in mind. Not only will the puppy itself cost you anywhere from $800 and more depending on the breeder. You will also have constant expenses to feed your dog, buy all the accessories, take them to the vet when needed, etc. You will need a special raised food bowl so the dog’s back develops correctly. You will need massive dog beds for this very large pup so they are comfortable and don’t have to sleep on the floor (because otherwise, they will sleep in your bed!).

You will need to buy several collars and leashes (and they will have to be replaced as the dog grows and as they become too old and worn.) You will also need to bathe your dog, which means dog soap and shampoo. You will need special tick and flea sprays, which you will use a lot, especially in the summer. But the biggest expenses will be food and vet bills. Hopefully, if you got your Mastiff German Shepherd Mix from a respectable breeder, they will be healthy and you won’t have to spend thousands at the vet.

As far as food goes, a large dog like Mastiff German Shepherd Mix will need quite a bit of it to cover its energy needs, as well as vitamins and minerals necessary for health. You can feed commercial food (just stay away from dry food!), but many dogs prefer natural feeding (aka meat, vegetables, and eggs.) Natural feeding also reduces the chances of allergy in your dog, which are common with commercial feed. All of this can cost a pretty penny. You will also likely need to buy vitamins and minerals to add to your dog’s diet. And don’t forget about treats and chew bones!

This means that you should be able to afford your dog before you even think of getting it. It would be unfair for the dog if you are unable to provide for its natural needs and if your dog suffers health issues because you may not be able to afford proper nutrition. Owning a dog places a lot of responsibility on you, including financial responsibility.

Early days of puppy ownership

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix can be a challenging dog during their puppy years. As with any puppy, they will have to have their strict timetable of eating, toileting, sleeping, and playing, most of which will involve your direct attention. The first days of puppy ownership may be as difficult as the first days with a new baby. You will need to constantly watch your pup so that it doesn’t chew up everything in the vicinity.

You will have to house train them, which always takes time and patience. You will need to crate train our pup as well, and that also takes time and effort. Once your pup is about 4-5 months old, it will become much simpler. But those early puppyhood days (weeks, months) can be quite challenging! Make sure you are ready for it before you decide to bring your puppy home.

Mastiff German Shepherd Mix pros and cons

There is an infinite number of pros to having a Mastiff German Shepherd Mix in your home. The love that you will have for the dog will know no limits and that already can outshine any cons there maybe. However, we all live in the real world and should be realistic and practical about complications that this large dog can bring into your life. I hope this article has shed some light on what may expect you when you bring this gentle giant into your home.

To sum up, some of the pros of owning Mastiff German Shepherd Mix are their loyalty and devotion to their family, their excellent protective instincts, their intelligence, friendliness and positive and happy outlook. Some of the cons are that this is a large dog (that will shed!), you will need to invest time and effort in training if you want it to be obedient. They are also always hungry so prepare to buy lots of food and especially treats!

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