Mastiff Husky Mix: a unique crossbreed (10 photos)

Mastiff Husky Mix

Mastiff Husky Mix – a unique crossbreed

What can you expect from a Mastiff Husky Mix, a crossbreed of two of such different breeds, each with its own history, traits, and purposes of breeding? Moreover, should Mastiff Husky Mix be something you may want to look into, and will it be a good dog for you?

Mastiff Husky Mix: looks
What can you expect from your Mastiff Husky Mix personality-wise?
Mastiff Husky Mix activity levels
Mastiff Husky Mix and Children

Mastiff Husky Mix: looks

Mastiff Husky Mix: looks

If you love large dogs, Mastiff Husky Mix may be just the right dog for you. It will be quite a large dog that may reach 60-70 cm in height and weigh up to 30-40 kg or more depending on the genes of every particular puppy. (Larger and heavier if they inherit more of their physique from the mastiff, and slightly large if they take after their Husky parent.)

Depending on the genetics, the pup may have a thicker and longer coat (Husky) or shorter and less thick coat (Mastiff). The colors may vary widely depending on the parent colors: they can be tan, white, black and white, gray, and even red.

The head of a Mastiff Husky Mix may be more square shaped

The head of a Mastiff Husky Mix may be more square-shaped and remind that of a Mastiff (large, powerful jaws) or be more elongated, similar to Huskies, or anywhere in between. One thing for sure, this will be a unique-looking dog.

If you are looking into adopting a Mastiff Husky Mix, you will need to take into account the psychological and behavioral traits that this dog may have so you can make the right decision. A dog – any dog – is not a toy, and you can’t just take it in for a time only to pass it on when it turns out you don’t like some of their personality traits.

A Mastiff Husky Mix is a crossbreed of two unique and outstanding breeds and may inherit the traits that make both of these breeds perfect dogs for some people, and a whole lot of trouble for others.

What can you expect from your Mastiff Husky Mix personality-wise?

What can you expect from your Mastiff Husky Mix

To begin with, this may be a very active dog. Especially if the puppy inherits a lot of their personality from their Husky parent. This is a dog that has evolved for centuries in the climate of the North where it was used in dog sleds, running sometimes for days on end. They require activity like they do air. A dog like that will get frustrated very quickly if all they do is stay cooped up inside.

You will need up to three hours of active walking a day just to keep your Mastiff Husky Mix happy. The more active the time outside – the better. If you can take them out to the dog park to play with other dogs – that would be the best.

If you don’t offer your Mastiff Husky Mix ample opportunities to be wild, free, and active, they will get bored, frustrated, and destructive. This will mean goodbye to your new sofa and nice furniture, or may even your shoes. If you don’t have plenty of time to spend with your dog outdoors, you may want to look at another breed that doesn’t need as much exercise.

Mastiff Husky Mix inherits a tendency to howl

If your Mastiff Husky Mix inherits a tendency to howl (which many Huskies love to do), this also means your neighbors will very much dislike you and your dog.  🙂

This can be a very friendly dog if they inherit it from a Husky. They may also be somewhat reserved and indifferent towards strangers if they take more from a mastiff. Temperament may vary quite a bit from puppy to puppy.

The friendly ones can sometimes be too friendly, to the point where you wouldn’t be able to use this pup as a guard dog (as Mastiffs are often used). If they do inherit more of their personality from a Mastiff, it will be a calm, confident, and reserved dog, cautious of strangers.

Mastiff Husky Mix can be  a very friendly dog

They will keep a polite distance from people they don’t know and will not let strangers enter your house or farm due to their strong guarding and protecting instincts. A dog like that can be trained to guard and protect you, your family and your property, and can be very successful at it.

Due to their Husky parentage, a Mastiff Husky Mix may have a tendency to howl. It is very common in Huskies and not common at all in Mastiffs. If you do end up having a puppy that howls, they will probably howl when they are left alone. The amount of howling may reduce as the dog matures and feels more confident when left alone. However, it may never go away completely.

Although your Mastiff Husky Mix will love you and your family more than anything else, some may be a little more aloof and independent than some other breeds. Huskies in general can be pretty independent, while Mastiffs usually love being near their owners all the time. Your pup may prefer some distance some of the time and may prefer to do whatever they want to do rather than follow your commands. It depends in part on their genetic predispositions as well as their training and how authoritative you can be in their eyes. Every dog will follow a confident owner.

your Mastiff Husky Mix will love you

As a son (or daughter) of a Husky, this Mix may have a tendency to escape. Huskies are not always reliable when it comes to their recall: some owners have to keep their dogs on the leash at all times. They can be a little bit like cats: very independent. You may have to be careful letting your pup off-leash even in the remote forested area because they may just take off and keep you waiting for a long time before they decide to come back.

Your Mastiff Husky Mix may not be a great dog if you are more of a city dweller and live in a small apartment. This is a dog with freedom in its very genes. It needs space to run and play, preferably outside. Even stuck in a large house this Mix may get frustrated and destructive, let alone an apartment.

Activity levels

In terms of activity levels, a Mastiff Husky Mix may be an extremely active dog. This means you can forget about your dream of slowly strolling down the street with your dog while enjoying the sites. With Mastiff Husky Mix, you will be enjoying the sight of your pup’s tail as your dog runs circles around you, pulls you by the leash to wherever they want to explore, chasing every stray cat, squirrel, another dog, and anything else that moves.

Mastiff Husky Mix may be an extremely active dog

They can mellow out a little as they mature, but, like all large dogs, they mature very slowly, so don’t expect nice lazy walks for at least a few years. You may of course get very lucky and get a Mastiff Husky Mix that inherited the calmness of the Mastiff instead of the craziness of a husky, but there is no guarantee of that. If you are not ready to have to struggle with your pup every time you take them for a walk, you might want to look at another breed.

Mastiff Husky Mix and Children

Mastiffs are usually great with children, while Huskies can be somewhat indifferent towards them. Neither of the breeds tends to be aggressive towards children and your Mastiff Husky Mix will likely be patient with them as well. However, you shouldn’t get this dog “for” your children, thinking that they will spend a lot of time with the dog or the dog will “babysit” children.

While Mastiffs can sometimes act as babysitters, Huskies are absolutely the wrong dog for that. A Mastiff Husky Mix will most likely be a very active, very strong dog that no child will be able to control. This dog can easily hurt a child knocking them off their feet just by pulling the leash, and they almost always pull. They just have way too much energy and curiosity about the outside world!

This could be a really good dog for someone with enough time, energy and desire to invest in their dog. Both Huskies and Mastiffs can be difficult breeds to have. Both have traits that can make this dog uncomfortable for some people. Mastiffs, while calm and confident, need to be properly trained to contain their protective instincts which can go together with aggression.

Huskies need a very strong hand too, and lots of exercise to stay mentally healthy and non-destructive. A Mastiff Husky Mix may very well inherit the set of traits from both sides of their parentage that may present a challenge even to an experienced dog owner. If you have never owned dogs before or don’t have much experience with them, this shouldn’t be your first (or even second) dog.


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